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Nemercine by Voliol Nemercine :iconvoliol:Voliol 0 0 Bookbabby v.2 by Voliol Bookbabby v.2 :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0 Psilochild - A Pokemon Fusion by Voliol Psilochild - A Pokemon Fusion :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0 The coral titan that fell by Voliol The coral titan that fell :iconvoliol:Voliol 2 6 Pirate were-worm by Voliol Pirate were-worm :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0 Friends by Voliol Friends :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0 Cosmz the Forgotten Beast v.2 #2 by Voliol Cosmz the Forgotten Beast v.2 #2 :iconvoliol:Voliol 0 1 Cosmz the Forgotten Beast v.2 #1 by Voliol Cosmz the Forgotten Beast v.2 #1 :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 2 Bookbabby by Voliol Bookbabby :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 4 Despairing Soul - very quick sketch by Voliol Despairing Soul - very quick sketch :iconvoliol:Voliol 0 0 Skull Sketch by Voliol Skull Sketch :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0 Cosmz by Voliol Cosmz :iconvoliol:Voliol 0 1 Minccino zombie by Voliol Minccino zombie :iconvoliol:Voliol 2 1 Torchic Zombie by Voliol Torchic Zombie :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0 Oshawott Zombie by Voliol Oshawott Zombie :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0 Squirtle Zombie by Voliol Squirtle Zombie :iconvoliol:Voliol 1 0


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Nemercine [nemertean+medecine]
Injection Pokémon
"This pokémon is often seen in abandoned medical facilities. It injects its prey with a deadly poison."

Inspired by Bogleech's Pokémon reviews, here's a cute little worm-mon that might also look like it belongs in some horror hospital. And it probably does.
I didn't have my colors while doing this but I can tell you its color palette consists of red, silvery gray and partially transparent white.

I currently do not plan to make any evolution for it, but as it kinda deserves it, feel free to make one as long as you cred me for this pre-evolution :)
Bookbabby v.2
So I made a new version of this little kiddo, mostly due to my own feelings of cringe whenever seeing the old one in my newest deviation feed, but also because it's fun to re-do old stuff in general.

So this is what at the time used to be the only non-grown-up member of my fort in dwarf fortress: A cute little three-year old dorf

!Fun! fact:
He likes ravens. He was also born in a fort that met its demise/retirement due to a raven.
Some of my dorfs who tried to build a hunting tower so that I could kill the raven that stopped me from getting new animal waves got bitten by a 
Weregiraffe. Then they got into the main building. Dozens of dwarves were killed before I retired the fort.

!Fun! fact II: I colored in the plush with black (or rather gray) just about a minute after, but as I didn't bother taking a new pic of it you'll have to like with him having a white raven plush.

Here's a link to the old one:…
Psilochild - A Pokemon Fusion
So I did a random pokémon fusion (based off some website that choses some amount of random pokémon for you) and I ended up with this.
Cookies for those who figure out the components, as well as the inspiration for its name.

Pokédex entry/more stuff later.

Sorry for somewhat bad photo quality, I should get a stand or something for doing better ones.
The coral titan that fell
Yay, more Dwarf Fortress fanart!

I drew some randomly-generated monster (a titan) that I saw a post about in the Dwarf Fortress subreddit. It was shot in the wing, cracking it, making the titan fall to the ground and horribly die.
Oh, the wonders of Dwarf Fortress.

It might be a bit sketchy (in the sense that it is a sketch), but hey, it's a flying ankylosaurus, your logic is invalid.
Pirate were-worm
"Known for wriggling through the earth with their slimy skin, they take the form of humans when not in direct moonlight. Its people are reavers of the sea."

So I played the very indie in-alpha game Warsim (official subreddit here: , with download in the sidebar) and as it has randomly generated races this thing came up.

I tried using both cloth folding/wrinkles and shadows, and while I still have a long way to go I think it turned out kinda well.
So as you might have or might have not noticed, I've not been active here for a looong time.
And "a looong time" is roughly... 7 months.
This was mainly due to my deviantwatch getting stuffed with all kinds of stuff, but also minor art blocks.
At least, that's how it started, then it just became me not bothering looking through several hundred artworks.

Well, now I'm at least temporarily back.
I might not post something for a while here for a few reasons:

1. I barely draw on my computer at all any more
2. What I drew here was mainly fakemon for contests posted here,
    so if none of those come up the chance will be even smaller.
3. I draw way more on actual paper nowadays,
    so I don't really have the need of drawing more on a computer.

In short, I'll be semi-active now but might not post much.
And I will only be so until I get to lazy to look through my deviantwatch and it gets filled again.
It's even entirely possible that I'll not post anything at all before that happens, thus the "maybe" in the title.

Well, have a good day and bye for now!
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I'm Voliol, a Pokémon nerd!

As a Pokémon nerd, most of my art are Pokémon related.
I mostly make sprites for different fan projects like Pokémon Origins Project (google it) but I also post my own Fake Pokémon, or Fakemon as it's also called. Lately I'm also been researching at :iconfuse-corp:

Please request sprites, but nothing inappropriate, and I might do something.

If you need Fakemon for a fan project all my Fakemon are free to request if I don't state anything else. But even if you get permission I still own the Fakemon.

Sadly I got no points, so I would be really cherished if you clicked this:…

That was all!


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